A Romantic Love Story that will melt your heart. ♥️

Rahul Adap

Chapter 1 : Khushi Parihar is an ambitious, hardworking and a modern woman with very liberal views. Her parents send her to Nagpur for her further education.

Chapter 2 : She meets a guy Azher Shaikh, falls in love with him and decides to move in together. Azher is a good Muslim. They start living together and Khushi Parihar accepts Islam inspired from Azher’s nature and behaviour towards women and life in general and becomes Zara Sheikh.

Chapter 3 : They are living happily together, Azher being a good Muslim and a good human being warns her not to talk with other guys. One fine day Azher decides to send the love of his life to Jannat, he kills her by Crushing her Head and Dumps her body on the highway. He takes all the money she had in her Bank. Thus ending a beautiful love story till death.

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