After save aarey campaign, now people come out in support of Metro.

Save Aarey Campaign is getting spread like a wildfire. The campaign is handled and initiated by Vanashakti Organization. The campaign is initiated by Dayanand Stalin who had shown great courage to proliferate the movement.


On the other side, social media is witnessing other agitation which shows the other side of the coin in which, common man of Mumbai says there is horrible situation regarding the massive population clogging in the city. Because of overpopulation, the time taken to travel smallest distance is taking time beyond consideration. To overcome this problem, Maharashtra government started metro project which will save lot of commuting time of common man. Opposing such projects will not be beneficial for the people.

Vishal Tibrewala from my green society says that metro project is actually a boon to the society and public. If trees are getting slaughtered then it’s public responsibility to lend a helping hand to government for compensation of loss. Vishal Tibrewala himself going to initiate such campaign where he is going to appeal people to join for the greater good. This issue is getting massive response in the social media circle. People are agreeing on a point where we as society, have to keep balance between development and environment by putting efforts. Governments decisions are for public welfare, not for destroying environment.

According to the survey held by Scroll India, because of 23716 industrial process the many major part of forests are cleaned up. But the netizens on social media are asking only one question: Why only government projects are questioned and why environmental organisations have soft corner for the industrial projects?

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