FCRA violations by Save Aarey activists ? Complaint filed to Ministry of Home Affairs

The number NGOs are active under the roof of Aarey Conservation Group. However on friday 13-sep-2019 many ordinary citizens also gathered outside Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation’s office at BKC to support MMRCL. The so called environmentalist also gathered with their placards to oppose MMRCL and BMC decision. Social media was now full of both sides views.
Number of people die due to rush, train accidents. Mumbaikars want metro and they have started extending their support to the Maharashtra government. Between this fire and furry, one of the activists from NGO named ‘Vanashakti’ had written a long Post on Facebook denying foreign funding. The same NGO and person has been involved with the opposition to MMRCL . He said,” we never had FCRA , there is no question of FCRA cancellation.” Latter some pro-metro social media activist threatened on phone calls of filing defamation case against them. The fact is Vanashakti had applied for FCRA license but their application was rejected by home ministry “in public interest”. However another lady in may-2016, who is one of the founder members of Vanashakti, had written an open letter to prime minister Narendra Modi criticising the decision of Home ministry not granting FCRA license.
Still the website of Vanshakti appeals for Foreign Donation. The donors can submit details online to Vanashakti. There is an option for country is India or Non-India. Whereas Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 prohibits donations from foreign sources without FCRA license. Without prior license Foreign Contribution in any manner is an offence. The Intercountry transaction of money received from foreign source also prohibited under FCRA, except prior approval of Government.

The few vigilant citizens observed something fishy in the whole matter. The mumbai based activist of Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) filed a complaint against the said NGO. There is suspicion of Money Laundering and FCRA violations. The said NGO might have been receiving foreign funds from any other way after obtaining the details of donor online. Legal Rights Observatory has tweeted about this issue.

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