Finally Triple Talaq Bill a Law?

Rajya Sabha

Politics is game of uncertainty and successful politicians set long term targets. One needs to learn from History and plan future strategy.Bjp Lead by Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has successfully implemented it. In first term of Modi as Prime minister, it was difficult to get assent from rajysabha in lawmaking process. Slowly Bjp kept on winning assembly elections and there by increased it’s tally.

In Modi 2.0 NDA is inching near to Majority. Congress compared to 2014 is now weaker in Rajyasabha too.Bjp strategised it’s numbers before 2019 general election and allied with JDU in Bihar and Aiadmk in Tamilnadu. Bjp definitely eyed Rajya sabha numbers to ally with these parties inspite serious differences. This approach shows how Bjp is planning it’s long time stability in politics.

Bjp’s decision to ally with AIADMK inspite of knowing the ground realities of Tamil Nadu is 13 RS numbers of AIADMK. With the help of these MP’s NDA’s has more numbers compared to UPA and other opposition parties. So going forward Congress enjoy it’s nuisance value in Rajya sabha. Congres’s negative and destructive politics is slowly becoming irrelevant or toothless.

Government has a strategy to pass bills (like Triple Talak) in Rajyasabha. After winning huge majority in general elections with 303 seats. Government has demoralized entire opposition. Recently we all saw how 4 TDP MP’s merged with BJP and 1 INLD MP joined Bjp. Bjp increased it’s tally to 75 by including those 5 MP’s. Bjp’s final tally will be 78 by the end on July. Bjp got 1 seat from Odisha and 2 seats is to be filled from Gujarat which was vacant due to resignation of Amit Shah and Smriti Irani after their Loksabha polls victory. However Bjp needs to cross 122 members in Rajya Sabha for majority on its own. Modi Sarkar also has the support of 4 independent MP’s.

These are the 4 independent MP’s in Rajya Sabha.

Dr Subhash Chandra

Amar Singh

Parimal Barwani

Sanjay Dattatray Jakade.

3 nominated members are also in support of Government. They are Swapan Das Gupta, Dr Narendra Jadhav and Mary Kom.

This way BJP, NDA strength including independent and Nominated goes up to 112. In coming days the count will increase to 115.

(Break Up

BJP – 75 (now) + 2 (gujarat)+1(Odisha)

Total – 78




Akali Dal-3

Sikkim Democratic Front-1

Bodo Peoples Front-1





LJP…1 (Paswan)


Apart from these Bjp can easily manage these parties on floor.



Naga peoples Front…1



Support in government tally increases to 129. Present strength of the House has 243 Members.
Now let’s glance into opposition strength in Rajya Sabha.




Kerala congress (M)….1



Nominated….1 ( K T S Tulsi)

In the same way, representation of other opposition parties in Rajyasabha are as:









Independent….2 (  MP Veerendra kumar and Ritabrata Banerjee )
There are 110 MP’s who are not in UPA or NDA. Narendra Modi recently in Rajya sabha appealed to work with the attitude of Upper House. Upper house is called as a House of Lords in Britain. The members of upper house are considered as intellectuals. Their contribution needs to be more prudent. rajya sabha has become a place of mockery and Obstacle as far as lawmaking process is concerned. Rajya Sabha should not be speed breaker for government. the role of house is to hold government accountable towards the people of this country and to secure State’s interests.

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