In difficult times, RSS swings into action.

Credit: Mumbai Tarun Bharat

SANGLI/KOLHAPUR: Anywhere in the country, whenever there is a disaster, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh volunteers unite and rush to help and they involve themselves in relief works. In the western Maharashtra, Sangli-Kolhapur Districts are presently haunted by Heavy rains and floods.

In such a situation, of course the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has, worked tirelessly for many days in relief and rehabilitation, and in this area hundreds of sangh volunteers have actively participated in the relief of flood victims, health, distribution of essential items.

Mumbai Tarun Bharat

Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur districts have been hit by torrential rains for the past two weeks. In particular, due to heavy rainfall in the source areas of rivers and the dams on which they are built, the water has to be discharged from the dams. From this, several talukas including Kolhapur, Sangli-Miraj and other cities are surrounded by flood water.For the last four to five days, life has been disrupted due to this condition. Roads, trains, etc. have a major impact on transportation, resulting in a huge shortage of petrol-diesel and other essential commodities. Also, millions of citizens have been shifted to safer places.

In all such cases, with the addition of administrative machinery, Self The RSS volunteers have taken the lead in rescue, relief and rehabilitation work.

 For the last two to three days Self Distribution of food pockets, clothes, snacks, drinking water, etc. was distributed at various places by the Sangh and Sangh Public Welfare Committee. In addition, free health camps were also organized and medicines were distributed in various places in view of the possibility of spreading the disease .

Kolhapur city and Ichalkaranji, Varna, Kodoli were completely flooded after evacuating people from the water. Self A physical survey was conducted by the team.

Credit: Mumbai Tarun Bharat

The entire guardianship of 2 centers in Kolhapur and 3 centers in Ichalkaranji. Self It has been taken on behalf of Sangh, Public Welfare Committee, Rashtra Sevak Samiti. Snacks, meals, drinking water, medicines etc. are being distributed at these centers and free health check up is done.
Also, a team of 3 doctors and their assistants is working continuously at all the 4 centers in the city. N Self All the senior office bearers of the Sangh as well as the Promotion Department of the Union have taken initiative in coordinating with major social organizations and administration in Kolhapur to unite in support.

At Ichalkaranji also, free health care is being provided through the rotating clinic on behalf of the team and the service at flood victims’ centers. From this initiative, the organization has taken down a number of small social, cultural, spiritual and youth organizations in the city.

About 200 cadres of RSS and other organizations are working continuously in this area. Not only that, sports and intellectual programs have also been launched in some centers with the children in displaced children, which has been getting tremendous response from the citizens.

In Sangli district, more than 500 RSS volunteers and activists are actively involved in the relief work in Sangli-Miraj city and in the flood-affected area of ​​the adjoining area. An intermediate dining center has been set up at Vishram Bagh, Sangli.

From here, foodstuffs are being made and distributed to the flood victims. About 300 workers are working under the system. The team has been collecting food grains, essential commodities etc. from various social and cultural organizations in the city and district for the last three days and distributed it to the flood victims.

These includes medicines, pulses, rice, toothpaste-brushes, soaps, towels, bed-covers, clothing, etc. also contains many essentials.

Every day, for more than 3,000 citizens at four centres in different places the volunteers arrange food, snacks and milk for young children. Also, necessary treatment and medicines are being distributed to them for free. And Selfless Organizations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Janakalyan Samiti, Seva Bharti, Health Bharati, Rashtra Sevak Samiti etc. have also taken the initiative.

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