Is the Congress-Left ecosystem with help of radical left media trying to instigate Hindu supporters of Modi against Government?

Vipin Menon

Is the Congress-Left ecosystem with help of radical left media trying to instigate Hindu supporters of Modi against Government?

India saw unprecedented shift in political power after 2014 both at Centre and States level. The kind of Mandate Modi lead NDA got not only surprised the political pundits across the world but also was received by shocking statements. Although many expected that Congress lead UPA government would perform badly they never expected Modi lead NDA would storm to power with Brute majority. This mandate forced the ecosystem (congress fed) to spread propaganda of hatred against the Government. Perhaps Modi government never enjoyed a so called Honey moon period because of the Hatred of propaganda at on side and mountain of expectations at the other end. Congress and it’s allies were though rejected by people and were in Numbers, it enjoyed fruits of power because of its nominees in Government, Media, Judiciary and other areas. The intellectual terrorism against Modi started immediately by events like Award Wapsi. Suddenly spike in news about Gorakshs were widely given publicity by mainstream media. Later in the investigation many of such incidents became untrue. Ecosystem tasted it’s victory by such campaign during Bihar and Delhi assembly elections as Bjp lost badly. Tasting blood in small victory, ecosystem spiked it’s fake news stories more vigorously. Meanwhile Modi government focussed on good governance and delivery. He knew that Ecosystem sponsored by Congress is trying to vitiate atmosphere there by to invite international attention and defame the country. Ecosystem through its network also internationalised the issues by writing articles in dailies Washington Post and Network Times. This forced Prime Minister Modi to give a public statement against Media reporting of Cow Lyinching. However Modi was focussed of his target and was quick to deliverables. In order to stabilize Indian economy and weed out menace of Corruption, government announced demonitisation. This action came as rude shock to the corrupt and powerful ecosystem. Many concealed corruption were unmasked. The bad loans given by UPA to cronies like Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi were unearthed. Many are still to overcome the aftermaths of demonitisation. Slowly Narendra Modi government started gaining control over public narrative. The negativity spread by ecosystem was attacked by Modi himself. The ecosystem could not handle the attacks of Modi used Pakistani proxy’s and provoked Indian leadership. Then came Modi’s brutal attack on terrorism by approving surgical strike. The nation saw how a honest and powerful man was hounded unfairly by ecosystem is standing against the enemies of nation. People saw Savior in Modi under whose leadership the Country is in safe Hands. Ecosystem them changed the narrative by instigating caste riots. Patel, Jats, Maratha’s were provoked. Nothing worked. Finally by the end of all unsuccessful propaganda Modi led NDA kept on winning states after states in assembly election. By the end of 2018 Bjp led NDA was runling 21 out of 28 states. Sensing another defeat ecosystem’s final assault on Modi was accusing corruption charges in Rafael on Modi. Principal opposition party leader even met enemy nation Chinese Ambassador without keeping government of india in Loop. They activated the ecosystem in burecracy and some activists. The judiciary was roped in PIL hoping to damage public perception. However many in burecracy was exposed, the judiciary also proved to be very incompetent. However as the government was honest and Modi’s personal credibility being high the charges couldn’t be proved. Meanwhile inspite of all kind of vicious campaign against the government being spread, it marched forward with all the development schemes focussing poor and marginalised. From opening account to Building Toilets and Providing gas connections it could reached. sections of Caste , community. This mass out reach program with excellent oratory skills convinced the electorates to Bring back Modi in 2019. This gave another shock to the entire ecosystem which was further weakening. On one side Modi government was tightening it’s grip on action against corrupt mafias and terrorists on the other hand ecosystem’s narrative was not affecting masses. This frustrated ecosystem didn’t learnt from 2019 setback and futhered it’s hate campaign against Modiji by Faking news about attack on Minorities in India also by associating Jai Shri Ram Slogans. This time the plan is to instigate the majority community against Modi by Instigating intolerant minorities. The sleeper cells in ecosystem is working overtime to attack independent hindu voices by either shutting down or by giving bizzare order. This was ecosystem thinks that majority hindu will turn against Modi and they can thereby further their anti national activities. It’s time Hindus come forward unitedly and shun the laziness of depending on any public service. Without unity no government will be in position to help you. Give space to government to carry out it’s development programmes and also be vigilant about its activities, however let’s stand united with our Hindu breathens who are under attack by so called Jamat – Liberal – Gang.

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